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Hosting is about speed, backups, monitoring, and resolving issues. Hosting means different things to different companies. At Midnight Oil Technologies, we believe hosting is about trust and care. We do not just host websites. We only host websites we manage and understand. We monitor security updates for our clients' websites and ensure that those sites and our hosting environment our up-to-date and secure.


At Midnight Oil Technologies, we're impatient people. So we work hard to ensure the hosting environment we provide is fast. We leverage a scalable VPS server using a SSD (Solid State Harddrive). We careful configure the applications on that server.

Speed is no longer just a luxury. Google search results consider speed a factor in rankings. But don't worry, Midnight Oil keeps up with these sort of changes and stays ahead of the curve.


Backups are not important until they are. And when they are important, having good backups means the difference between being a hero or ruining a good reputation. We have enough experience in the tech industry to understand their true values and to experience being a hero first hand.

We create short-term backups for every client several times a week and keep long-term monthly backups in a secondary location. We are a strong believer in "never put all your officers in one shuttlecraft" philosophy.


Time to be a bad salesman: there is no such thing as 100% uptime. Facebook, Google mail, Outlook 365, Amazon, and Netflix all have downtime and so will your website. A server requires updates, restarts, and problems will always occur.

Midnight Oil Technologies tries to be proactive rather than reactive. There's always a balance. We monitor our server and our clients' websites using multiple tools. We partner with LiquidWeb for hosting as they are amazing at what they do. We are professionals and understand what downtime can mean to your business and our reputation. We will always strive to take care of our clients.

Milford, NH
Midnight Oil Technologies LLC